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Welcome To Regal Multimedia Group, We are a group of people ready to help your business or your specific project. Our Experts have more than 20 years of combined experience in multiple areas of Technology, Marketing & Multimedia Production.

We are committed to solve global problems with solutions that will make your company more competitive and productive. Your business development is our priority, We know Your success will be Ours.

My Vision is to empower small and medium businesses with great talent and expertise, All companies sizes deserve to use the latest and best technologies available in the Marketplace. I want our clients to have peace of mind so they can dedicate their time to run their business instead of being worried about technical issues.

Regal CEO

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Short-Term Results - Ads Management Services

We are experts setting up PPC/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn campaigns that produce the right traffic to your website for the best short-term sales results.
By identifying and researching the smartest keywords to target, creating creative content to pair with each PPC campaign, and positing your ads in front of your right audience, you’ll receive more and better digital lead generation in less time.
This is a long-term strategy. We manage the whole process, execute on the plan, analyze the results, and continually improve the PPC ad campaign to make it the best possible each time.
100% of your ads budget is spent on purchasing your multiple channel ads. RegalBIZNet.

PPC Trends 2019

PPC Trends for 2019

PPC Trends 2019:
1 – Multiple Ads Platforms continue improving their products ads systems:
• Amazon Advertising,
• Google Product Ads aka Shopping Campaigns
• Bing Product Ads
• Facebook Collection Ads,
• and Pinterest Ads.
2 – Automated smart bidding and campaigns that optimize for conversions will grow. Getting better ROI.
3 – Audience Targeting and Keyword Targeting Audience targeting is a huge PPC Trend, but keyword targeting is not going anywhere and will continue to remain popular.
4 – Visual Search PPC Ads Ad formats like Google Hotel Ads will grow into other industries for different business products and services.
5 – Cross-Channel Tracking & Attribution Modeling.
6 – Local PPC Advertising Options Local PPC Advertising campaigns and ads have become more popular
7 – Video Advertising For Branding and Conversions.

Increase your sales using PPC campaigns

We can manage or support you.

Please allow us to present you a custom solution for your business

Content Marketing

  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production
  • Copy writing
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps

RegalMGUSA - Content Creation Services

We believe content marketing is King. If you want to run a successful online marketing campaign you will need the best content possible, please let us help you creating concepts that motivate the audience engagement.