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Multimedia Production

We collaborate with a pool of directors, computer graphic designers and production executives. We systematically elaborate a tailored approach where creativity, innovation and technology are closely interconnected. Already in the first phase of a project, our experience and efforts in technological watch allow us to immediately identify the parameters that need to be defined in order to reach your broadcasting objectives.

We can also guide you through the selection and setup of tools to manage,  archive and consult your content (media management). As a result,  your images will be more attractive and easy to access, while enriching the memories of your company.

No matter what type of company or project you have, you will always need Video solutions to promote your business in the multiple channels that the industry provides. We offer video studios, video experts and video editing specialists to manage this kind of projects with high standards and great results. All Video Content can be use in TV promos/commercials, DVD, Web & Social Media Campaigns.

Digital Products

Corporate TV, web TV, Internet, Intranet, mobiles, social networks or even traditional videos: the means of diffusion have never been as diverse and will continue to diversify. Each media channel has its own technical requirements and language. It is necessary to master them. At RMG we do have this know-how. We can empower you to maximize the reach and impact of your content and communication campaigns.

With partners at the cutting-edge of technology, renown in their skill area, we can deliver the best solution on the market to you, be it ‘plug and play’ or tailor-developed.


Video is a dynamic media that naturally positions itself at the heart of the news. The live streaming of your images requires specific and sharp skills, from the capture of images and sound to the utilization of means of transfer and telecommunication:

  • Streaming Live / On-demand, independently or guided
  • Live webcasting via IP/Satellite/Videoconference
  • Slide synchronization with “RMG Sync”
  • Content Interaction and “Richmedia”
  • Akamai networks: use & publishing
  • Selection of audio-video production tools
  • Maintenance and support


In today’s market we know the importance of photography. Your company will need to have a great variety of stories in form of images. In order to help you, we have put together a group of professionals that are capable of producing great concepts so you can have a stronger impact on your clients.

Please Contact Us for a Free Consultation.

Video Production

We can produce for your brand, corporation or project:

  • Television Spots (Commercials)
  • Music Videos
  • Web Video for Business
  • Corporate Video
  • Wedding Videography
  • Instructional Videos
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Reality Shows
  • Web Series

RMG - Corporate Video DEMO

RMG - Playlist of Video Production DEMO

RMG - Video Production DEMO

RMG - Video Production DEMO

RMG - Video Production DEMO

RMG - Video Production DEMO