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  • Social Media Implementation

    : Create/Re-design SM presence in multiple social networks, integration with WEB/CRMs/eMail Marketing systems and any other Internal resources.
    Implementation a good foundation is key for your success in the Social Media World. You will need multiple ways to interact and engage with your potential customers so it is important your web platform is social ready and well integrated in your organization.

  • Social Media Marketing

    : Creation, Monitoring & Evaluation of specific marketing campaigns for a specific location or target population. You need this if you want to promote your brand, launch a new product, increase sales, have an event, generate more leads etc.
    With Social Media Marketing you can get short term results, remember this is just a piece of a puzzle but it could be a great idea to start campaigns so you can get results and understand the Social Media Marketing Potential.

  • Social Media Strategy

    : Creation, Planning, Study of the best way of helping the company/brand with goals using social media.
    So many business have social media profiles, but it is not enough, you have to have a plan of action, You need to understand how every social network operates and the best way You can take advantage using Social Media Strategy.

  • Social Media Management

    : Your social media will need supervision & execution of many tasks so the right management is key.
    With Social Media Management Services You don’t have to be concern about this part of your marketing, We will work with You and your personnel and We will be responsible of meeting your requirements and achieving your short and long term marketing goals.

  • Social Media Content Production

    : If you don’t have good multimedia content your social media will struggle interacting with fans/clients.
    We have a group of experts to produce your:
    Graphics, Photography, Video Blogs, Web Series, Web Shows, Web Promos, Testimonials etc.

    Why you need Multimedia Products? if you are participating in the conversation your digital products can help you attracting friends, fans, potential customers and mainly using the right digital products you can make you brand strong to generate more sales.


  • Social Media Training:

    Your human resources will need to participate in the corporate social media environment so it will be very important to train them how, when and why is important their collaboration. We can train your customer support team, sales team and marketing team so everybody will know their role and will be ready to collaborate in your Social Media Strategy.


What is the price of our Social Media Services?

Our approach is very  simple We work by projects according to your Budget, Participating in Social Media is a permanent need so it needs a permanent solution.

Some important things You need to consider for your Social Media Solution:

  • Every company is unique and have a specific set of conditions that We will consider to choose the right solution.
  • We believe there is no way a generic form of service will work for your company, brand or products.
  • You deserve a custom made solution.
  • We will study your case and we will present You a solution, We can implement this solution with your  internal personnel or we can do it just with our team.
  • Periodic reviews and monitoring will be necessary to evaluate the results for every step of your project.
  • We can Guarantee You Good Results,  Social Media is a very effective way of marketing if You do it in the right way.

We recommend You watching some of the videos we have in this page if you want to explore how to use Social Media for Your Business.

To Check Some SOCIAL MEDIA Demos Please CLICK HERE

Social Networks

Why Facebook?

Social Media Marketing has become one of the most effective ways to attract new customers to your business. With over 1.1 Billion users world wide Facebook is the biggest social media network available. Our Facebook marketing services focus on both new customer acquisition as well as up-selling and cross-selling to your existing customers. By utilizing Facebook Apps and micro-targeting advertising.

Quality Fans

Building a quality list of Facebook Fans is one of the most important aspects of Facebook marketing. We will grow your Facebook following by attracting targeted and quality followers to your Facebook page.
With the help of Apps and active HTML pages on your Facebook page we can even build an attractive referral campaign for your products and services that makes your message go viral.

Turn your Followers into Customers

Adding engaging Facebook applications to your Facebook page and rewarding them to visit your local or online store will help you increase your sales very fast

Facebook Advertising

Advertise your products and offers (Apps and HTML pages) with Facebook adds to attract more customers.

SEO for Facebook

Rank your Facebook page on the top of the search engines with our on-site, off-site and local SEO for Facebook.

RMG - Facebook Promo


Twitter is one of the  best micro blogging tool of our days. With Millions of users and a very active way of propagation of information is a tool every company needs to engage in conversations to generate followers, friends, fans and mainly potential clients.

Twitter can be use in multiple ways, We will analyze your business and your goals to generate a solution that will fit your company needs.

Please watch the videos in this section so you can get a good idea of Twitter for Business Purposes.

RMG - Twitter Promo


LinkedIn is the best Professional Social Network, With LinkedIn you can develop a great network of professionals, vendors, potential clients local, national and International.

You can use LinkedIn if You are planning:

  • A recruitment campaign
  • Business Expansion.
  • Online Marketing Campaign.
  • Branding Campaign.
  • Looking for Investment Opportunities.
  • Looking for Networks of Professionals.
  • Looking for Sales Teams.
  • etc.

LinkedIN Video Promo

LinkedIn For Salesforce CRM


Why Use Video Marketing?
As the leading online video sharing company Youtube has over 1 Billion unique users world wide. According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. Posting a video about your company, product or services on YouTube has become one of the most effective ways to attract new customers.

SEO for YouTube videos
In November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google and since then Google has prioritized YouTube videos in its search algorithms.  Rank your YouTube videos on the top of the search engines for your most important keywords is as easy and even more effective then ranking your webpage on the first page of Google. Following similar strategies for ranking your website on the first page of Google we can also rank any of your YouTube videos on the first page of Google.

Our YouTube Marketing Service

SEO optimization
We will perform on-site and off-site SEO specific to your YouTube videos in order give Google all the signals necessary to rank your videos on the top for your most important keywords.
YouTube Views and Likes
We will promoting your videos to increase views and popularity and make them reach the top of YouTube search for your keywords.

Youtube Marketing Promo