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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is an essential tool in online marketing for any business that has the goal of generating new business online via a business website. When people are searching for information or a product or service online, they will almost certainly use Google or one of its competitors such as Bing, Ask or Yahoo. In order to be effectively found on these search engines you need to be conducting an SEO campaign for the selected keywords that best represent your products and services.

If a website can manage to gain a position near to the top of these search engine results, they are likely to attract far more custom than the competitors who list below them. It is a common fact that the website that is in the top 3 for a specific search term will generate far more business than those sites towards the bottom of the search results, and subsequent search pages. Of course not everyone can make it to the top three or even the first page of the search results as spaces are limited and the competition is fierce, and getting fiercer by the day. This limited availability has made Search Engine Optimization an increasingly important and sought after service that RMGSEO has ample experience, case studies and demonstrable results.

Your business may be in a very competitive sector that is dominated by brand names, but don’t let that put you off. Search engines make regular changes to their algorithms to allow new businesses to get results. If the search engines never made any changes, the people who dominate the search results would always be at the top, thankfully that is not the case and we have plenty of experience in giving even the biggest companies a run for their money!

White Hat SEO

Many SEO companies will tell you that they can get you to the top of Google, claim to be the cheapest and best and will increase your PageRank and position in a few short days, even a few hours. This is a complete lie and it’s impossible to achieve real results so quickly. However that doesn’t stop SEO charlatans from trying, especially if they claim to not want any form of payment until they have got you results – be wary of such claims, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! These attempts to dupe search engines will almost certainly involve so-called Black Hat SEO techniques, which include spamming other sites, hidden coding and text, stuffing your websites pages with keywords and nonsense content, or plagiarizing other articles from different companies, all in an attempt to get a quick result that will only come back to bite you.

Search engines have become aware of these tactics and do not take lightly to websites trying to abuse the system. Websites and pages discovered that are engaging in these practices are heavily penalized or even removed from search results altogether, after which your investment SEO and in a professional website will have been a complete waste of time and money. What good is your website if it’s impossible to find?

This is why the team at RMG only engage in ethical and trusted White Hat SEO techniques. Our approach involves creating quality optimized content, according to those in Google’s Search Engine Optimization guidelines, building websites that have been coded professionally and employing legitimate and effective SEO techniques. All of the content and coding we add to your website will be natural, fluid and unique, which means our SEO service is continually effective and your search engine ranking will only be positively affected.


RMG ‘s Search Engine Optimization experts have years of experience in generating quality SEO results. Because we also design and build all of our websites in-house from scratch, we know exactly what tools to build in to your website to make them super SEO friendly.

When considering SEO, it must be an ongoing consideration from the website’s design and layout, right through to the coding and even the type of server the site is hosted on. There are many factors that work together to ensure your search engine optimization results are effective in bringing more people to your website, and more importantly converting those visitors in to customers.

At RMG SEO, we have used our knowledge of search engines to boost the online presence of many of our clients, some of them in extremely competitive business sectors. Our up-to-date knowledge and ongoing research in key areas such as Google’s algorithms ensure that the SEO we implement on your website is as effective as possible for as long as possible.

Our team can advise you on the best strategy for your business and also further your knowledge of search engine optimization, helping you to enhance your company’s rankings and promote your business. We firmly believe in helping our clients better their knowledge of SEO when they work with us, the better appreciation you have of SEO, the more time you are likely to invest in making sure your websites content is current, news features and blogs are kept up-to-date, all very important ‘client-side’ activities that really help your SEO results.

RMG’s website design and SEO team work closely throughout the development of the site, creating websites in a way that will naturally boost your SEO ranking when your site goes live. Many companies invest heavily in optimization but this may not work as well due to poor coding, out-of-date strategies, neglecting to promote the site frequently and poor choices in technology. At RMG, our wide-ranging talent base, professional webpage design and in-depth knowledge of SEO will ensure every page of your website is indexed and promoted efficiently by search engines.

We have a variety of packages to appeal to all clients according to their marketing requirements and overall budget. Entry-level ‘Lite’ packages could help you to dominate local competitors, while larger companies might want to overwhelm their peers through an intense ‘Enterprise Level’ Search Engine Optimization campaign.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, RMG can meet your needs. Call us today on 1-305-791-7152 for more information on our SEO services.

Social Media

Social Media Implementation
Social Media Management
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Training
Social Media

Social Media Revolution

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SMS Marketing

This kind of marketing is very effective because you have direct communication with the clients/prospects. If you have a good database of contacts, Text Message Marketing will increase your sales and clients interaction with short term results.

Send SMS (text) messages in bulk

With eMarketing Automation, you can send SMS (text) messages in bulk to CRM marketing lists.  The messages are sent to the mobile numbers of the lead and/or contact records on the marketing lists.  CRM activity records are created to document that the message was sent.  The SMS messages can take advantage of data in CRM for personalization.

Send SMS (text) messages from CRM workflow

Trigger SMS messages from CRM workflow and merge lead or contact data into the message contents.  Personalized message is sent to recipients and logged in CRM as a closed activity associated to the lead and contact records.

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Mobile Marketing

Mobil is King in the Online World. Smartphones are the new personal computers. Mobile marketing is a big industry and the question is how your brand or company is being part of these platforms. Please if you need advertisement try Mobile Marketing, we can help with implementation and strategy to get the best results for your business.

Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is not popular but it is still a massive way of communication and millions of potentials customers use it for business purposes.

If you want to communicate with your contacts / clients / leads try to do it in an automatic way, we can help you recommending multiple software/platforms that can generate the emails automatically for you.

Email Marketing Deployed from the Cloud

Our email marketing systems are deployed from the cloud so there is no software to install.  Send a single email or bulk emails easily.  Trigger emails to send automatically from workflow and link email templates to forms so that, when a visitor completes a form, they receive an auto-responder email confirming their submission and linking them to the resource they have requested.

OutlookCast: An easy and personal alternative way to prepare, send and track emails

If you want to broadcast a marketing email quickly without building HTML, then simplify your life with our OutlookCast feature.  Simply create your email using Microsoft Outlook or any other email application, then go to your CRM marketing list and click on our OutlookCast icon.  eMail Marketing System will give you an OutlookCast email address representing your marketing list. All you have to do is send your email to the OutlookCast email address.

Social Sharing

Allow your recipients to share your emails on popular social networks.  See which recipient has shared the email on which networks with our social sharing report.  Customize the social network buttons/icons and even upload your own versions.

Your domain in your email links, not ours

The eMail Marketing System makes it easy to have the links in your emails show your domain address (i.e. your website), not ours.  In the eMail Marketing System settings area you can specify any subdomain name for your links and we provide instructions for how your webmaster can make the necessary changes to support this (a simple CNAME entry).  This feature improves your email deliverability because your email links will match your domain and not look like ‘phishing’ emails that pretend to be from one sender but are actually from another.

Some eMail Marketing Automation Advantages:

Marketing Automation combined with CRM Systems empowers marketers to generate and qualify high quality leads while providing sales the ability to prioritize the best leads and opportunities.  eMail Marketing Automation provides…

  • Email Marketing
  • Web Tracking
  • Lead Scoring
  • Nurture Marketing
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Form Capture
  • Surveys
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Discovery
  • Integrations
  • Solution Details

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